5 Ways to Sell More Online Courses & Increase Sales

5 Ways to Sell More Online Courses & Increase Sales


5 Ways to Sell More Online Courses & Increase Sales

You had a great business idea and have created your first online product and now is the time to sell more online courses to create that recurring revenue you’ve heard so much about.

Many online course creators launch their first online product to crickets, or shall we say not the results that they had hoped for.  So they try again, create a new online product or course and then same if yet slightly better results happen.

They begin to question what to do next and why isn’t it like Field of Dreams movie “build it and they will come”.  Why are they not coming and buying?

There are many reasons and the team at Elevate Agency are experiencing in auditing existing course or product structure to understand why revenue goals aren’t being hit.

1) Understand your client avatar

In simple terms who are you selling to?  Dig into understanding exactly who is your target audience for the course and why would they buy it?  What results are they looking for?  Does your course help them get these results?

This might be #1 on the list but to do this well you need to dig into the client avatar and understand as much about them as possible.

If you’ve already launched they look at who has purchased, demographics, language patterns in reviews and in a support group and any refund request.

2) Proof of concept

If you haven’t already launched a course yet or are planning on a new one, then STOP. Do this before you spend hours or invest any money in creating the course.  We need proof of concept that your audience actually wants what you are offering.

Looking for deposit payments or pre-orders, or buy now for £1 and receive advanced launched.

Proof of concept usually requires even a minimal amount of cash to be spent, otherwise the proof can be received, but when you come to launch crickets again.

3) Social Proof

If you are relaunching a course, or for a 2nd launch onwards, be sure to collect social proof to use.

Social proof is where your audience in their own language and on their own social media platforms, sing your praises. Screen shot and ask for permission and include this social proof as in on a sales page.

This not the time to artwork or send to the designer, it has more power in their words and graphics.

4) Build an email list

Own don’t rent your audience.  Any social media platform where you have an audience your are renting it and not owning it.  To own it you need to build your email list.

This can be done via lead magnets where someone signs up to receive an automated information source, such as pdf, video training etc.

5) Link sell

Ever heard of Pareto’s law or the 80/20 rule.  That 80% of your results will come from 20% of your audience.  Your superfans who love what you do and will purchase.

For these 20% of your audience, can you identify them?

Be sure when selling courses to be able to segment or tag your audience by purchase behaviour. Example anyone who has purchased course A would be more likely to purchase course B.  With tagging or segmentation, you can send an email to course A participate 3 weeks after their original purchase to see if they want to buy course B.   Sell within your existing audience to sell more online courses and make more money.

If you are frustrated and feel you could be selling more courses online, our strategist Laura is waiting to talk to you.

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