Choosing the right CRM for your business

Choosing the right CRM for your business

Keap vs Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Hubspot and Mailchimp


Welcome to the first (and potentially last) CRM Battle Royale!

Have you ever asked, or been asked, “what is the best CRM for my business?”

If so, what was the answer? Was it a shrug of the shoulders? Or a “let me look into it”.

Or did you know straight away what the right one was? 

We need to be straight with you here, Elevate Agency is a Keap Certified Partner, so we will always lean towards pointing businesses in that direction. BUT, if we know that there is a better suited CRM out there for the business in front of us at that point in time, we will point them in that direction instead
(but , to be honest, that rarely ever happens…!)

To understand why we believe that Keap is leaps and bounds above the rest, we’ve compiled a comparison chart, below, highlighting the functionality of 4 other highly rated CRMs/Email Marketing tools:

Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Hubspot and Mailchimp

But you need to decide what you think what CRM is best for your business (or at least ask for help in deciding).

As we mentioned earlier, we at ElevateLABS won’t push you to go down one route or another, we’ll help find the best CRM solution for you.

And with that in mind, here are the details for the contenders in the CRM Battle Royale:

Constant Contact
And for Keap (but if you want to start a free 14 day trial, click here)

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