5 Unique Remote Working Tools you can use to Elevate your Business

5 Unique Remote Working Tools you can use to Elevate your Business

While restrictions in the UK may be lifting, work from home will most likely be with us in one form or another for many months to come, and many businesses may well take the positives from remote working and implement them into normal working practices.
Working from home may never fully replace coming into the office or visiting a client directly, but this past year of making-do has lead to the creation or rise of popularity for many remote working tools and apps.
Here at Elevate Agency we’ve put together 5 of our favourite Remote Working tools that you can use to Elevate your business without leaving the comfort of your own room.

Shutter App

If you’re a commercial photographer chances are over the last year you’ve had to get seriously inventive with how you run your business. At Elevate we work with quite a few visual businesses, so we know how hard it’s been.

Shutter App is an incredible piece of software for photographers having to work remotely now and in the future. Harnessing the camera of any compatible smartphone, photographers can remotely take control of a clients phone camera through the Shutter Portal . This includes accessing manual focus, white balance, exposure, and any other camera control the phone has. The microphone and speaker on the phone allow the photographer to talk directly to the client and give posing directions, as if on a real shoot.

The session is secured using a 12-digit number shared by the client, and for the duration of the session, the photographer can take pictures that appear directly on their computer, as to not take up space on the client’s phone.

Shutter App takes a task that normally would require face-to-face contact, and allows for a remote experience very similar to the real thing.
Shutter App


Out of the office but need to show a colleague how to complete a task online? Want to show a work-in-progress website build to your team? Need to give a quick presentation showing both your screen and webcam?

Loom is an easy to use, versatile, and free piece of software that solves all the scenarios above. The recording process is very intuitive, results in a single link to share on any communications app and is hosted online to be accessed anywhere by your team or client.

Loom can also be used to increase sales – record a sales video to embed on your online store, or record a video promoting a service. The creative possibilities are massive, Loom gives you the tools to make it.

Virtual Office

Interfacing with clients remotely is one of the biggest challenges with remote working. Presenting a professional image to prospective and continuing clients shouldn’t take a hit just because you’re working out of your bedroom or kitchen.

Virtual Office utilises the handy ‘virtual background’ feature found in several video meeting software packages by creating a virtual office space with your businesses branding. No software download necessary; simply upload your logo to the site and choose a virtual office space. You can then download this background and have it appear behind you during your next meeting.
Virtual Office


One of the key things many people miss with remote working is the group decision making and conversation that naturally occurs in an office space. Communication software like Slack and Teams certainly helps, but often it can feel like sending messages into the void with little response back from team members.

Polly.ai provides a great way to engage remote working team members or clients when decisions need to be made on a project, or an opinion is needed. Polly can be sent in all major messaging apps or over email/directly. Multiple choice, rating scale, and open-ended question are all possible formats that you can use. The simple and responsive design means a higher click-through rate, which means your team or client is more engaged.


As an agency that specialises in creating an online learning experience for coaches, trainers, and experts – we love helping people with skills and expertise online and earning. One of the best platforms to achieve this is Kajabi.

The pandemic has forced many businesses that needed in-person interaction to rethink their models, but we think Kajabi presents a solution that expands training and coaching to an even bigger audience. Look at how we helped Toned in Twenty convert his personal training into an online coaching success.

The all-in-one solution for online coaching, Kajabi has everything needed to create a responsive online learning platform featuring your area of expertise. With our help you can be up and running with a marketing campaign to funnel potential clients into your course, a Kajabi site that sells your course and hosts all the content (we build it for you!), and a community of students eager to learn from you.

Sound good? Use this link to sign up for Kajabi today, and then get in contact with us below to start making money from the skills you already have.

Remote working will probably never fully replace office-based working for many businesses, and after a year of working from home many of us are eager to get back into the office.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of the best advancements and systems and utilise them. All the software featured in this post could be implemented to take your business to the next level.

Get in contact with us below!

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