Case Study - Toned In Twenty

Customer : Toned in Twenty

Project : Toned at Home

The Customer:

James is the driving force behind Toned in Twenty’s high tech and scientific approach that is leading the way in transforming how fitness is delivered to discerning clients with busy lifestyles. Individually tailored EMS programmes and an emphasis on the key trainer/client relationship make it fast and easy for each client to achieve their true potential no matter what the starting point, no matter how busy a lifestyle.

James from Toned in Twenty:

I approached Laura and Leigh at an unprecedented time with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. My entire business was reliant on face to face personal training sessions using an electro muscle stimulation system. We had an online strategy session and very quickly they came up with a workable solution of running zoom group classes.

Laura and Leigh developed a clear, cost effective and easy to implement infrastructure to to get me started. 

Leigh walked me though the landing page he designed and the methods of payment which was invaluable. Any changes I requested were done quickly and without friction. Laura advised on marketing strategies and both continue to offer help if needed. 

Thank you both for making it easy. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without you.

The Challenge:

With the enforcements of social distancing and essential travel only during the Coronavirus pandemic, James wanted to find a way of being able to still aid with his client’s fitness, while not being able to physically visit their homes.

The team at ElevateLABS suggested that the best way to do accomplish this was to take his classes online, and in a way to maximise this was to create a membership style solution, so that he could train in a one to many approach.

The impact here was that the EMS suits wouldn’t work, as James needs to be in close proximity to control the suit.

The Solution

ElevateLABS proposed an off-platform solution that would initially keep the costs down, and essentially create a soft launch that would gauge interest before moving to a more permanent platform.

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